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Y. S. Boy 3 yr old 6 months into the EIP

PARENT: My son has learned confidence.  He tries to challenge things even when he want to give up or he does not like it. I observed the program many times. I'M GLAD MY SON IS ENJOYING THE PROGRAM AND CHANGING IN A BETTER WAY. He asks me almost every day 'Is there the Korokoro (EIP) today?' I am relieved to know he seems to like the program. IT IS GOOD FOR MYSELF TO TALK ABOUT MY PROBLEMS AT THE MONTHLY MEETING WITH TEACHERS AND PARENTS..
TEACHER: Y can listen to the instructions and work on the activities with calm attitude. He used to cry a lot whenever he face any problem but now he does not cry so much anymore.   

T. I. Boy 3 yr old 6 months into the EIP

PARENT: My son has been able to talk more than before. I feel his intention to do something more. When the day the program is cancelled he looks so disappointed and says 'No program today'. I went to observe Mr. Burton's program a few times so far & noticed that all the kid’s attitude and behavior has been changed completely.  AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN A LOT & I AM GLAD.

TEACHER: T was insecure when the environment was changed.  He has come to settle down little by little. He has become able to express his feelings by words little by little. 

H. M. Girl 4 yr old 6 months into the EIP

PARENT: My daughter is able to wait in the Q (line) for school bus in the mornings. She has become patient a little bit and does not run around all the time like before. Recently she expresses her own opinions such as...I want to do_____ or I want to go to _____.  SHE SAY'S  'I ENJOYED EVERYDAY' & LOOKS SO HAPPY.
TEACHER: H used to parroted teacher's questions before.  She tries to answer on her own (still not perfect). She has been able to keep order & line up by herself.  She still shouts louder & runs around when she is excited but is able to clam down faster. She has become able to express Yes or No. The frequency of fail of toilet (wetting oneself) is decreased. 

K. T. Girl 4 yr old 6 months into the EIP

PARENT: I realized that my daughter has the ability to challenge anything. She doesn't go into panic mood so much. She can think of & consider things more than before. I APPRECIATE SO MUCH FOR THIS PROGRAM AS I CAN SEE THE GROWTH OF MY CHILD VERY OBVIOUSLY. I'M ALSO VERY HAPPY TO SEE MY CHILD ENJOYING THE PROGRAM.


TEACHER: K has become able to observe around her & considers what she has to do, then she moves. She used to go outside the classroom & needed some time for cooling down before. Now she does not go out of the classroom anymore. Obsession about things is not seen so much now in the classroom.

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