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The Cee Bee Center.....making the difference between success & failure, understanding & confusion, hope and despair for children with special needs, their families & teachers

Special Needs Addressed


Aspergers Syndrome

Downs Syndrome

Cerebral Palsy

Learning Difficulties (including Dyslexia Dyscalculia & Dyspraxia)

Behavioural Issues






Core Programs

Learning Difficulties

(Dyslexia & Dyscalculia)

Underachieving Children

Gifted Children

Early Intervention Program

Move To Learnⓒ Program

ACE Program

Me Moves

Speech & Language Therapy

Occupational Therapy



Dyspraxia Therapy

Behavioral Thearpy

Qigong Sensory Therapy 





Early Intervention Program

Staff Training & Teachers Professional Development Program

SPED Group Workshop

Teacher/Classroom Consultation

School Observation

Shadow Teacher



Parent Training

Move to Learn Workshop

Therapy for SPED Children

School for SPED Children

Academics for SPED Children

School Observation

Shadow Teacher

About me

O Over 12+ years experience in the

    field of Special Education in Japan

    & 30+ years in Education

O Diploma in Special Education (U.K.) 

O Move to Learn (Australia)

    Practitioner & representing the

    interests of MTL in Japan

O I have a handicap myself from the

    age of 1+ & my own personal

    experiences place me in a

    better position to understand the

    thinking, feelings & situation of

    handicapped & special needs

    children much more than others

My Approach



I am a dedicated & committed professional, whose sole aim is to provide support and therapy for the physical, emotional, developmental, educational & social needs of your special needs child, so as to provide hope & the prospect of a better & brighter future for your child. 

Getting Help

The earlier you get support for your special needs child the better the chances of their progress & growth.  So don't wait & think or listen to others who say your kid is still young & there is enough time to get help for them. ACT NOW!!.  Read More to learn how we can hep and support you and your child, the stages you child will usually go through in their lives & the building blocks & foundations that are necessary to help them navigate life.

I. T. Boy 3 yr old 6 months into the EIP

PARENT: My son basically is restless & it is difficult for him to understand instructions. But his concentration has improved a little bit and he understands more instructions than before. He seems accomplished being able to do the same thing in the program through activities and movements of the program. I have been suffering the problem of child rearing every day. Now I have come to be able to believe in my son after seeing him growing up and improving in the program. I feel I've got plenty of breathing space in my mind now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SO FAR AND FROM NOW ON TOO.


TEACHER: I's able to listen to instructions. He used to be so excited & run around when the environment changed but now he can calm down & sit still. He can wait in line for the toilet & other activities. He makes effort in doing activities. He used to be attached to limited toys & friends but now he can play with different toys & friends. He is now able to have verbal interaction with teachers. His impulsive behavior has been settling down.

Y. T. Girl 3 yr old 6 months into the EIP

PARENT: My daughter is able to wait in the Q (line) for school bus in the mornings. She has become patient a little bit and does not run around all the time like before. Recently she expresses her own opinions such as...I want to do_____ or I want to go to _____.  SHE SAY'S  'I ENJOYED EVERYDAY' & LOOKS SO HAPPY.. 


TEACHER: She used to parroted teacher's questions before.  She tries to answer on her own (still not perfect). She has been able to keep order & line up by herself.  She still shouts louder & runs around when she is excited but is able to calm down faster. She has become able to express Yes or No. The frequency of fail of toilet (wetting oneself) is decreased. 

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